Traditional Guesthouse Horostasi at Parthenonas village, Chalkidiki.

Athina Ioannidou
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We were already an hour late to reach our destination, the village Parthenonas in Halkidiki and very concerned of the people waiting for us at the Guesthouse Horostasi. "What would they say about our delay" we thought and we continued with eager.

Entering the village in the night, the lights of the traditional houses led us to an open square and there we saw our guesthouse. Later we learned that at this square was used by older residents of the village as a space to dance and celebrate, which is why the hostel was named Horostasi. Hastily, we got our gear and anxiously headed to the reception to meet our hosts.  


“Hello beautiful ladies, i am Mrs Tania”, said our host in the reception

“Mrs Tania apologies for this terrible delay, we didn’t mind the time correctly”, we said

“Girls it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is that i have a headache and i desperately need a sip of rake to calm me down. Are you coming with us to Marmaras for some fresh fish and rake?”


The answer was totally confirmative. This is how a beautiful relationship with two amazing people, started. Our lovely hosts with their grande souls, open-hearted people who enjoy to be your hosts more than you like to be hosted by them. They never cease, they never stop to make you feel great. They have conquered our hearts. Mrs Tania and Mr Stelios are the best people to teach you about traditional hospitality.

Our hosts built this guesthouse in April 2008, where they stay themselves all year. They are two of a total of four residents of Parthenonas village. With love, humor and huge smiles, they managed to make this guesthouse one of the most popular ones in mountainous Halkidiki, not only because of the beauty of the area but also because of the beauty of their hospitality. This is why all guests love them like crazy from the first moment.

This guesthouse is totally traditional, with beautiful wooden furniture and romantic details, which impressed us immediately, but its greater advantage is the stunning views of the lush nature and the sea of ​​Marmara. The breakfasts on our balcony was unprecedented, with nature imagery and sea.

Breakfasts at Guesthouse Horostasi was also beautiful because Ms. Tanya and Mr. Stelios prepared for us some great breakfast dishes. Free range eggs, pancakes, greek yogurt, homemade jams, carrot cake with chocolate icing, juices and whatever else had inspired Mrs Tania during that day. In a beautiful stone balcony filled with beautiful flowers we enjoyed our morning yummies.

After breakfast you get to know the village and Dragoudeli, the mountain of Sithonia. Don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Stelios to guide you around. He is a notorious mushroom hunter and we thank him for everything! We hope to come back during spring time to enjoy the village at its best



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