Hotel Marelia: A cosmopolitan accommodation at Poligiros, Halkidiki

Athina Ioannidou
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Maria and Eleftheria are the two sisters representing the Hotel Marelia at Poligiro in Halkidiki.

Behind this whole business stands the whole Nikigotglou family, dad Demosthenes and brother George, who renovated the building and mom Evangelia who cares for your breakfast pies, pastries and jams.

The traditional building hosting Marelia is at least 100 years old and belonged to the family's great-grandmother, then became the Grocery Chatzichristou and remained uninhabited for many years before the family moved to Poligiros from Thessaloniki and decided to convert it the most cosmopolitan spot in Poligiros.

A beautiful small garden surrounds the Hotel and hosted many sunny coffee mornings and cool summer afternoons. An idyllic place to hangout, chat, taste delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Eleftheria took us to our room, the most beautiful and spacious of the Hotel, with a living room area and a fireplace and a high-ceiling room with 4 large windows and beautiful long curtains. The roof was like a wooden deck and the lighting were a piece of art. From our balcony we could see the most central spot of Polygyrs, the beautiful stone-built City Hall. We were just in the umbilical cord of this place.

We were totally impressed by the professionalism of the two sisters and the Nikitoglou family and enjoyed our moments in the room but also in the beautifully decorated cafe-restaurant downstairs. We say a lot of people coming and going from morning till night, for coffee, for meetings, for food and drink, Marelia seemed like the busiest part of the city which gave it a cosmopolitan flavor. Like you where in London or Berlin.

We liked it so much that we spent several hours eating our delicious organic breakfast ( jams, aromatic French coffee, omelette, fresh orange and apple juice), we ordered wine and a dish with delicacies and some fantastic lamb meatballs

Hotel Marelia is the jewel of Poligiros, hosts art exhibitions and political cartoonists, because the sisters are very active in what they do.

We left with the best impressions of a beautiful Hotel but also a very friendly and professional hospitality by the two sisters. Thank you, we promise to come back this summer!


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