Ancient Stagira means Aristotle + 2,5h walking + sea dives.

Athina Ioannidou
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The first and last place to visit when you arrive at Chalkidiki. What;;;;; You've never been there? Well, you do not know what you're missing. We're talking about poetry! Now I understand that those who live in nature and experience the natural phenomena, acquire a better understanding of life.

Ancient Stagira, is just before Olympiada village, on the third leg of Chalkidiki. Its might seem a little far from the beach you want to go, but frankly it is a unique experience. Besides, it has two hidden beaches where you can swim. I therefore suggest to dedicate a whole day to tour the peninsula of Ancient Stagira.

Get ready for at least 2-hour of walking on the peninsula and the archaeological site and one hour for rest and dives at the hidden beaches. You arrive at the archaeological site, which is not the classic ancient sites you have been used to. This is a whole peninsula, with trees, paths, flowers and pine trees that enclose the ancient settlement, surrounded by steep rocks, sea and sun.

It is time to walk in Aristotle's shoes and feel why this place has such a great energy. Besides, it is known that the ancient Greeks used to carefully select the places where they would settle. Follow the path and follow your instincts, indeed nothing is fully guided. No instructions. You can choose many directions and follow different narrow paths (you will understand what I mean when you start the hike).

The settlements, the Agora, the Temple, the observatories and the walls have been preserved and restored very nicely, so you'll see them at their best. Especially the Sanctuary is awesome, right next to the cliffs of the peninsula, overlooking the blue sea, sends worships to the gods. 

What's better than a day filled with hiking, archaeological and beach tourism, all in one!


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