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Christina Maniati
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Most of the people, when bringing Zante in their minds, imagine English tourists getting drunk in Lagana area. This is a usual image in some parts of the island, but there are other, more alternative ones with less tourism, which will reveal Zante's real beauty and many of its hidden secrets.

If you head to North-East, where the scenery start to become more wild make a stop at Ksigia. There are 2 small bays, named like that, which you can visit if you feel like walking a little bit. The most famous among the two, will get you crazy because of its waters. Some parts of the water is hot and other part is chilled. Very good for the skin and body. With the combination of sulfur, coming out of the water you will feel refreshed and revived.

A little bit further from Ksigia, you will reach to Makris Gialos. A beach with small stones and deep green-blue water. Pick a small boat and visit the very famous Blue caves and the well known "Shipwreck". Along this sea route, you will notice amazing small beaches you can dive to.

Still on the move? Well then, head to South-West towards "Keri". At Keri's lighthouse you can admire the Mizithres: two big rocks sticked into the sea.

Next stop is "Marathia". Just leave your car under the shadow of the olive trees and start walking. I know you might be tired of walking, but cannot imagine what is waiting for you in the end..An amazing beach that i am sure you are going to visit again and again.

I have to remind you that Zante is one of the most known places where Careta Careta is breading its babies, which makes me think that Careta Careta has an excellent taste in choosing beaches to stay: they are "Dafni" and "Gerakas". You can visit them before the sun sets. Because they are under protection, they have remained intact and virgin.

If you are in the mood for searching, there are many other virgin places to visit in Zante, so just avoid the touristic parts. Enjoy!


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