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So...You are travelling around northern Corfu and you happen to go through the village of Peroulades. You feel tired from the journey and you need a place to rest and enjoy a cup of coffee or a refreshment. Then, hands down, Volto Cafe is the place you want to be. Located right next to the village square and surrounded by some of the eldest houses of the area, you'll have the chance to meet the  traditional side of the island, while being in a modernized facility, perfectly inlined with the environment around you! Along the main sitting area, you'll find a beautiful small garden where you can sit or if you're lucky enough, lie on the hammock and have the relaxation you need underneath the plant shadow! And believe me, once you lie down there, you'll never want to get up again!

While you're there, don't forget to ask John (the owner), who is known for his photography skills, to show you some of the photos he has taken from the secret beauties of the village. And, again if you are lucky, you might end up hanging out with some of the locals and hear some of their famous stories and have the chance to travel through time by their words! Trust me, they have a lot to say!!!

Small, elegant and family-runned, Volto Cafe has given the place a new perspective, as it has brought the elders and the youngsters of the village together. You can find them dancing and having a laugh under the sound of music which can vary from Corfiot Traditional music all the way to foreign Electronic sounds. It doesn't really matter to them! Either way, they manage to have a good time, by sticking to the belief that "If the company is good, everything else is insignificant"! And that is defenitely something to admire!


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Born in the US and raised up in Greece. My father is Greek and my mother is Mexican...As you can see, I'm all over the place!! And that's exactly how I would like my life to be...I want to see the world's beauties with my own eyes and I'll try my best to achieve it!!

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