There is no other place than Corfu during Easter period.

Eva Krokidi
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I know you will accuse me of exaggeration and localism, but whoever have visited Corfu during the Easter period will understand why I say in a confirmative manner that there is no other place than Corfu during Easter.

The Holy week starts with the imposing litany of Saint Spiridon on the Palm Friday, “Vagione” as we call in in Corfu. Almost every philharmonic orchestra of the island will play in front of the crowd, to accompany the Big Father and protector of the island during one of the four tours in the city.

And it this wasn’t enough for you, here comes the best. On Holy Saturday, Saint Spiridon will be leading the epitaph which tours the city since morning, escorted by three philharmonic orchestras, which will thrill you with it sounds and make you feel the deep sorrow of Holy Friday.

I must admit I took you straight to the sorrow of the epitaphs but you must forgive me as music in Corfu is the highlight of the Holy week. The feeling is unique because the whole week orchestras, concerts and psalmodies come out from the streets, the churches, spreading down at the cantounias. The smell of fokatsa and kolombina, traditional brioches combine with the smell from flowers of the spring.

During the Holy Friday we will stand at Liston Square, where we shall attend different epitaphs passing by under the sounds and voices of students and the Philarmonic orchestra. The day will come to an end at 10pm when the touring of the Metripolitan epitaph will conclude. Try to find a spot with many locals to attend the spectacle in total stillness and enjoy the music everybody is eager to listen at that night.

The night will find us under the mauve lights of Liston square, where we will stand until the early morning hours when the touring of Saint Spiridon’s epitaph will take place. The sorrow will finish soon and joyfully moments will start when the first resurrection starts. This is the great moment when the “Bobides”, huge jugs will fall from every balcony on the streets. So watch out yourself so not to miss the joyfull and happy songs the bands are about to play.

To worship the resurrection we have to go to the Upper Square around 11pm. During the resurrection we will be enchanted by the spectacle of fireworks, the sounds of the Philarmonic orchestras and the people who are making wishes.

An now its time for a small but important secret. The secret of the true Corfu believers.

During Easter Sunday, after having “Tsilihourda” the traditional easter dish, come back to Liston Square. You will then experience the touring of the resurrection. You will feel the true feeling of the resurrection and experience it deep in you heart and soul. Easter Corfu should be the spring dream of your life if you like music and emotions.

There are no words to explain the Easter traditions of Corfu so you have to come over to experience it all.


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