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Matina Andrioti
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A quite, unknown, but extremely beautiful beach of Corfu is Rovinia. It is 20 km away from the city of Corfu and is located next to the village of Liapades and the famous Paleokastritsa. It is accessible by car to a point - although it is a rough dirt road - and then on foot via a small path. If you like hiking, the environment is idyllic, the road passes through dense olive groves and the view of the sea is magnificent. Another way to get there is by sea, either by renting a boat from the nearby beach of Liapades, or by using a sea taxi.

Rovinia is a small bay with white pebbles, blue-green cold waters that deepen abruptly and dense vegetation around the beach. An additional feature that makes it unique is the cave located on the left side of the beach. The beauty of the landscape and the untouched nature are the perfect combination for relaxation. Despite the difficult access, isolation is not so easy to achieve, at least during the months when the area is full of tourism.

 There is no tourist infrastructure on the beach - the only human interventions are a locker room and a volleyball net - so one must have the necessary supplies. The only exception is the boat-canteen with ice cream, soft drinks and instant coffee.

The impression that Rovinia leaves to the visitor is similar to the carefree summers of childhood.  Exploration, adventure and merriness are the first things that come to mind of someone who was lucky enough to have enjoyed it. Everything seems simpler and more substantial.

Definitely worth a visit, the scenery and the wonderful cool waters will reward any inconvenience anyone might suffer.


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Matina Andrioti

Γέννημα θρέμμα Κερκυραία.
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