Greece Travel Blogs

Greece Travel Blogs

On this page you are very lucky to explore some of the most exciting Greece travel blogs and posts written by real people who love to travel in Greece and talk about it with passion. We are gathering all those travel bloggers we love to read and get inspired from. Each blogger has its own way to experience Greece and travelling and a unique way to express on the beauty of Greece which is what this collection is all about. So enjoy, read, get inspired and travel!

5 Must-Have Recovery Gear for Off-Road Adventures

Being an overlander is extremely exciting because off-road adventures will give you a completely different feeling compared to a normal trip. You get to experience the actual road, instead of focusing on a certain destination. Besides, it’s a good way to learn about different cultures and also take some time off away from home. But off-roading has its drawbacks – one of them being that you may have your vehicle getting stuck. Depending on...

How to Choose the Best Tactical Folding Knife for Outdoors?

Whether selecting a tactical knife especially a folding knife for the first time or learning about one that was handed down to you, you need to know the basics so you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have the best one that is right for you. Also read our post for choosing an outdoors survival kit. What Is a Tactical Folding Knife? The tactical folding knives are specialized knives that have one or more military characteristic...

5 Ways To Stay Cool While Camping

Need tips on how to stay cool while camping? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our experts are sharing 5 tips on the best ways of keeping your chill, no matter how warm it gets. These recommendations are must-reads for any summertime camper and can provide you with handy inspiration on how to increase your comfort, by decreasing the heat. Keep reading to discover how to stay cool while camping in warm weather:  A Portable Air...

Grammeni Oxia 20km Trekking Best Mountaintops

The mountaintops of Grammeni Oxia was one of our recent goals. The specific trekking route started 10km from the village of Gardiki, next to the mountain shelter of “L. Eftaksias”, which seemed rather neglected at that time (October 2020). Some choose to do the “lower” route that gets you through the forrest. In Autumn, trees are dressed in all shades of red and golden yellow. Just walking through that is an experience...

Why the Pacific Northwest is for Outdoor Lovers for 2020

If you like to play outside you’re probably familiar with these three initials: PNW. The Pacific Northwest stands alone on a well-deserved pedestal as the ultimate destination for a whole plethora of outdoor activities. If you like to ski, mountain bike, surf, hike, snowshoe, trail run, or just about any other sport you can think of, the PNW is the place for you. Why the Pacific Northwest is an Outdoors Paradise? Two primary factors...

Haven’t Skied in a Decade? Why You Should Start Skiing Again

Thousands of people start skiing for the first time every year, they ride their first chairlift, make their first turns, and are smitten by this sport. Skiing evolved. Read why you should start skiing again. But at the same time, plenty of other folks leave skiing. There’s a lot of factors that play into this, a big injury, a new job, moving somewhere warmer, there are plenty of good reasons to take a hiatus from skiing. And even when...