Traditional mezze at Bebeli's tavern in Galaxidi.

Marietta Skopeliti
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Walking through the narrow streets of Galaxeidi, we crossed by the nice tavern of Mr. Nikos Theoharis, the " Bebelis ".

A truly charming tavern with a warm family environment and enticing smells of the various delicacies. We sat at a table next to the fireplace.

Mrs Kristallia, a sweet and simple girl, approached us to order. She suggested the traditional KELEMIA (minced meat and rice wrapped in a thin sheet of onion),  but also the Bebeli's pork, ie tenderloin in white cream and finally feta with honey and sesame seeds. It was just perfect.

We had to choose between fresh seafood of the day, such as shrimp sticks, grilled squid, grilled fish and octopus. Nothing was frozen.

The clean environment, the family-touch and the food cooked to match perfection, left us very happy and full.

With the cool rosé wine (muscat of Tyrnavos) and the Greek music we enjoyed even more.

Mr. Nikos, was making sure that everything was ok with the food. 

At the end they treated us with the desert of Bebelis tavern, which was actually a patent of Mr. Nikos. 

I believe that Bebeli's tavern is in all respects the place to visit, because the prices are affordable and the food excellent and traditional!

The best choice for food lovers.


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Marietta Skopeliti

My name is Marietta and i come from Koufonisi island and Kea island. I love travelling to Greece and the world. I strongly believe that we live in a beautiful country full of hidden treasures, beaches, sees, people and unique landscapes. We should all explore it.


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