Carnival: Flour War in Galaxidi

Kalliopi Vlahopanou
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Who ever spend a day at Galaxidi on the Clean Monday, is most certainly unable to forget that day.

Who ever has spend a day at Galaxidi on the Clean Monday, has experienced a carnaval like no other.

I am refering to the tradition of Flour war, which holds since 1801!!!!

Yes, you understood me right. I am talking about a FLOUR WAR. No mistake.

We happened to get there at the right day and at the right hour: At Galaxidi on a Clean Monday. Bingooo!!

You will realise you are in the correct place, when you will start snizzing from something strange in the air and you will start seeing a cloud of colorful flour coming towards you. White, blue, black, red, green, pink flour!!

If you are not prepared for this battle you will be able to get "flour" supplies before you enter this war of dance and flour.

Men and women dance with their faces painted with coal, while they are pouring tones of flour to each other. What an exciting Chaos!!

The purpose of this tradition is to throw as much flour as you can and the opposite of course.

There is only one certainty: This game is going to excite and please you the most.

Σκοπός είναι να ρίξεις όσο περισσότερο αλεύρι μπορείς!! Αλλά και να σου ρίξουν!!

When the battle finishes the war is not over. Everybody continues drinking and dancing all over the city.

This carnaval tradition is completely different to any other you will meet in Greece, that is why people prefer to go there evey single year.

We had load of fun, we got back home dirty, tired but totally happy!!


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Kalliopi Vlahopanou

My name is Kalliopi, i am 25 year old and i grew up in Andravida village in Greece. The last 8 years i live in Kavala city! I very much like to spend my time experiencing beautiful moments with favourite people, in favourite places. I like experiences, good or bad, and tend to get as many as i can with new people, new places, new cultures by travelling somewhere near or far.

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