The "Acroploro Apartments" in Galaxidi.

Marietta Skopeliti
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The Acroploro were carved figures that adorned the bow in major ships of Galaxidi. Whole female figures, often with one hand raised, were the personification of the soul of the vessel.

Once we reached the traditional appartments "Acroploro" in Galaxidi, we were expected by Mr. Dimitris Drakos, a polite and eager man who gave you the feeling that you get to know him for years.

The room was very impressive from the first glance. Perfectly decorated with a nautical theme, in fact it traveled you to another world. The cleanliness and luxury in all its splendor. I do not think we have ever stayed in a cleaner room. All smelled wonderful.

An ideal choice for couples and family since the children sleep in a separate room, with perfect colored quilts and linens.

The courtyard of our Guesthouse was perfect for breakfast or dinner vention but also for children because it has swings and toys to play with.

Our breakfast was plentiful and fortunately we could be served in the room, which made us really happy since we could enjoyed more sleep without the stress of waking up early.

After enjoying breakfast, we went out for our daily walks in the picturesque Galaxidi. The center was only five minutes from the guesthouse which gives extra points to "Akroploro"for its favorable location in the city.

The triptych, Hosting- Elegance - Calm is representative of the "Acroploro" apartments. As Acroploro opens up new sea routes for mariners, so the "Acroploro" in Galaxidi illuminates and shows the way for hospitality.

Proving once again that the detail makes the difference! It was one of the best places we have ever stayed.

Cleanliness, courtesy and taste are the key features. The unflagging interest in our service and the warmth of the space are elements that will make us go back for sure.


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