Sivota is a marvellous destination for relaxation and nature.

Maria Athanasopoulou
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Sivota is a destination that really worth seeing! This beauty has been discovered by more and more visitors, not only from Greece but also from abroad, in recent years! This is certainly due to the particularly gifted nature of the region, if you visit once, hardly you will forget.

The small picturesque harbor, full of yachts and boats, creates a "cosmopolitan" first impression. On the other hand, the peace and quiet of the area makes you relax, unwind and recharge your batteries, especially if your daily routine is spent on a large and bustling city! If you wander around a bit more in the area, you will see with your eyes small pristine beaches with green waters, you will not believe the beauty of!

If you are an adventure type then, day cruises, hiking, cannoning, visits to local wineries are just some of the things you can do while in Sivota. I was recently in the area for a weekend and although I did not have much time at my disposal, I tried to get to know the place and try to understand the reason why visitors have lately increased so much.

In the short time available, my first choice was to make a small cruise in the region. I got myself on the port to seek for small boat owners that could satisfy my cruising needs. The cruise does not last long, but you get the chance to meet small and beautiful beaches of Sivota, to see the whole area from the sea, to enjoy the rocks bathed in seawater and see up close small sea caves. The spectacle is truly magical, especially for those who love the sea. The green waters of the region give their own special color to the sea pictures.

The next day, I chose to visit the Acheron River. According to the ancient Greeks one of the entrances to the realm of the underworld, Hades, was there at Acheron river! Ignoring that information, the landscape that you face walking on the banks of Acheron is so beautiful that can immediately relaxe and excite you! I am not a woman of dangerous sports, so just chose to walk on the banks of Acheron and photograph what struck me most. The day was quite warm, so I rained my feet in the water of the river, which was very cool. There are many who enter the water in some parts of Acheron, but I did not dare. I chose to spend a leisurely two-hour riverside walk slowly and photographing successive images as the sun changed position and affect the colors of nature. My company was the eternal music of the water! It was really great and at first chance i will go back!

While returning to Sivota, my eyes were magnetized by the colors of sunset. The small picturesque harbor, filled with boats and yachts, was so beautiful as the sun was setting. I enjoyed an afternoon coffee at one of the cafés of the harbor, and later a delicious seafood dinner at a local tavern. Clearly I could not experience the whole Sivota during a small weekend like that, but the first impression was so good that makes me to definitely come back soon!


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