Parga, emerald diamond of Epirus region.

Eva Krokidi
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One of the most beautiful cities of Epirus is undoubtedly Parga. In the prefecture of Preveza and on the way to Igoumenitsa, Parga dominates the edge of the Ionian Sea, after ten kilometers of lacy road over small turquoise bays.

You arrive at the small town and in front of you just off the road stands a marvellous beach that looks fancinating during all seasons. The Island of Panagitsa is next just before you take the turn and see the castle opposite and the colorful houses that reminds you of an island. You begin to walk on the edge of the sea and before you know it the narrow streets will take you back in time.

Parga is full of secluded gardens, bougainvilleas and large jars, stairs and galleries. The uphill road to the castle is full of potted flowers and narrow streets that make you feel the presence of the ancestors of Parga that used every way to fight for their freedom, before Ali Pasha bought the city he desperately wanted. The small streets of the town, which is not really a town but also not really an island, lead to the imposing Stone church and to the also uniquely beautiful also Municipal school beside her. The High school is also hosted in another great stone building which from the entrance looks like a small paradise.

Parga might be your main destination, but you can also paya visit to the nearby villages. The Castle of Agia, very close, is also a point worth a visit and of course the Castle of Parga with its unique view over the blue-green Gulf of Valtos. During summer, the Gulf of Valtos is the ideal place for swimming and enjoying the coolness of the deep Ionian Sea, just opposite Paxos and Antipaxos and Corfu. Besides, Parga and Corfu have important historical and emotional ties since Corfu hosted the fellow Pargians carrying their sacred relics while the town occupation by Ali Pasha.

Parga is definitely a destination summer, but one can be enjoy it every day of the year since it awaits guests with infinite joy and hospitality!


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