Vikogiatros: A cafe to drink and eat at Koukouli, Zagorohoria.

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If you are planning to visit Zagori you you have to visit "Koukouli" village and eat at "Vikogiatro" taverna. If you go during the summer you will enjoy the coolness of the plane tree in the square and if you go during the winter you will get warn due to the stove and the good people you will find there.

You will get to discuss a lot with Nikos Kontodimos, the owner of the cafe. Ask him about the village, the herbs, for meaning of life. Maybe you will get to know the recipe for the most famous pie of Zagori: the flour pie.

We took the menu in our hands. It was a simple but traditional one: pita with vegetables, sausages, flour pie and scrambled eggs. We wouldn't ask for more. Less is more! Some wine and raki are the local drinks. We got in a very good mood after this start.

The village "Koukouli" is one of the prettiest of Zagoria. We are not the only ones who say so. Many of the locals have the same opinion.

The beauty of the village is self-evident, as its small square has become a famous film scene with Peter Fyssoun and an advertising scene for a well known feta cheese. During August, "Koukouli" also organises one of the most beautiful traditional festivals of the area. We should also visit it during the festival.

Do not forget to visit the Cultural Center "Kostas Lazaridis' and the House of Eugene Plakidas. If you don't find any directions towards them, ask a local to guide you there. They will be happy to help you.


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