Sweet hospitality at Pirrion Boutique hotel in Ano Pedina, Zagorochoria.

Evi Vagianou
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As you reach to the threshold and you open the door, careful not to be enchanted, because everything is written and kneaded with love, rolled and dipped in the honey, with the caress of dawn and the star of life...

Somewhat so begins the tale of our hosting at PiRRiON Sweet Hospitality from Victoria, the owner of a refined hotel, along with her brother Constantine. We were greeted by Mr. Xenophon, father of the owners, who did everything to pamper us in every way.

We also met Mrs. Helen, mother of the owners but only through her excellent dinner prepared for us. Wonderful soup (with chestnut, crab apple, potato, leek, carrot and sweet pepper), pork shank and delicious chicken-mushroom pie. The presence of Victoria and Constantine was more than obvious around us, since they themselves curated the contemporary decor of this elegant and boutique hotel.

To take, however, things from the beginning: What does ten different spoon sweets really do at picturesque Ano Pedina of Zagorochoria region? Of course waiting with grace, sweetness and a characteristic taste to sweeten the famous king of Epirus, Pyrrhus and win his favor. All rooms got their names from one of these tradiotional Greek deserts.

I don't really know which dessert Pyrrhus finally chose in this boutique palace, but we chose the Chestnut, which sweetened our belly and soul! Juicy and sweet, special and famous, like our room. With unique views on the village and an amazing mattress that made sleeping a pleasure! The other nine rooms of the hotel were, Apple, Grape, Cherry, Fig, Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Peanut, the Quince, Orange and ours Chestnut, individually decorated, with character, taste and finesse, with great care, that even after the first day, you feel like home, relaxed, lighthearted and a little bit...like King Pyrrhus!

Could it be his palace after all? I wonder ...

Wikipedia: Pyrrhus (/ˈpɪrəs/Greek: Πύρρος, Pyrrhos; 319/318–272 BC) was a Greek general and statesman of the Hellenistic period. He was king of the Greek tribe of Molossians, of the royal Aeacid house (from c. 297 BC), and later he became king of Epirus (r. 306–302, 297–272 BC) and Macedon (r. 288–284, 273–272 BC). He was one of the strongest opponents of early Rome. Some of his battles, though successful, cost him heavy losses, from which the term Pyrrhic victory was coined. He is the subject of one of Plutarch's Parallel Lives.


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