Supreme waterfalls at Eliohori of Pindos

Lazaros Sidiropoulos
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One of the most beautiful places I have visited in the area of Northern Pindos are the waterfalls near the village of Iliohori, located in the wider area of Zagorohoria in the prefecture of Ioannina. It is a complex of three waterfalls in a row literally in the middle of an untrodden forest.

We started our trip from Perivoli village near the Valia Calda national park and headed to Vassilitsa ski center. From there we continued to Distrato village and then towards the city of Konitsa. Halfway there, in the village of Palioseli, we turn left reaching for Iliohori. A small wonderful village with special street layout, full of Uturns, built as an amphitheater, having in front of it Voidomati river and in the rear the northern face of mountain Gamila. An alpine terrace combining the calmness of a forest and the excitement of one of Greece’s most spectacular ridge. After the two hours driving route we chose, we had a break at the village’s main square and drank a tsipouro drink with the locals. They kindly showed us the way to the path that leads to the waterfalls. A descent of 1050 meters  (1148yd) in a well preserved path with a small church  in the middle of the course.

Reaching the waterfalls, you will find a crotch splitting the path in two. I suggest that you follow the right way. In 10 meters  (11yd), you will find yourself in front of a sight that words can’t describe easily. A 25m  (27yd) high waterfall which ends up in a small green lake with crystal clear waters.

The experience of swimming in the lake is unique but the water is just too cold. I was stunned by the colors of the lake and the sounds of the waterfall. The local community has formed the area in a way that you will be able to enjoy the sight comfortably sitting on stone benches and having a picnic.  The terrace in the second waterfall is similar while the third one is the smallest of all three.

To get back to the village, you will have to ascend the same path, but I suggest that you allow for  double  the time of your descent in case the weather gets bad. I also strongly recommend that you wear sneakers or hiking shoes for the pathway. It would be nice to have with you a towel and bathing suit too. If you are planning a trip in the area, you should definitely not miss the chance to visit the waterfalls.


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