Guesthouse Grandma Evgenia, in the pretty village of Vitsa

Athina Ioannidou
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When we booked our stay at Guesthouse Grandma Eugenia, in the pretty village of Vitsa, I felt such intimacy as if we were going to visit our grandmother Eugenia, the Zagori lady of Vitsa. Grandmother Evgenia would tell us stories, bake pies, carve the garden, show us old photos and accomodate us at her soft and feather mattresses with a lullaby of Zagorian tempo. All our friends and acquaintances learned about this grandmother Eugenia, the duchess, and thus began an urban legend around her person.

This grandmother was not any grandmother, was a woman of holy. A calm, discreet, low-profile woman, genuine Zagorin, with a great love in books, in knitting and cooking. All these feel strongly once you enter the guesthouse, the knitted linens, the old photographs on the walls, the sewing machine and the chest which laid her knits.

Unfortunately we couldn't meet grandmother Eugenia, but met the worthy heirs, namely Mr. Christodoulos and Angeliki, who surround and are surrounded by the nobility and goodness of their grandmother. It appears moreover from the sweets we were treated, by the delicacies and local wines we were offered, the dinner especialy planned for us at the Beloi restaurant and the fervor with which entertained us. Mr. Christodoulos looked after us every day, in order to have our brunch packed, as the explorers need energy. We left fully equipped for new adventures.

Our room was amazing too! Wood, built fireplace, romantic quilts, antique furniture and a stunning balcony with awesome views of the nature of Zagoria. Its name was "Aetomahos" in case you would like to book tha same. In the mornings, we enjoyed the balcony with the sun warming our faces and tranquility of the view warming our soul and afterwards we headed to the breakfast area to taste the local pies we were promised by Marisa, the cook. 

The Guesthouse Grandma Eugenia is also special for another very important reason. It is the only accommodation in Zagori with rooms specially designed for disabled people, giving the opportunity to everyone, without discrimination, to enjoy a comfortable and cozy accommodation set around a lovely nature. Even if we didn't mention all the above, even if Mr. Christodoulos did not prepare our snacks to go, this fact in itself shows sensitive people, open people, people like those who we would like to meet in every place we go.

Thank you very much for everything, see you again!



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