Breathtaking BELOE position on VIKOS, Zagorohoria.

Vasilis Triantafyllou
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During our journey around Zagoria , we were informed, by a couple of locals, about a path that starts from the village of Vradeto and ends after two kilometers at position Beloi, whose name probably derives from Slavic, meaning good view or balcony, where one can have a panoramic view of the Vikos Gorge .

So, the next day we ended up at Vradeto the village with the highest altitude of all Zagoria , at 1340m . We left the car right just before the dirt road, at the end of the village, right where the trail begins and we started our way. The first meters of the path do not give visitors an exact idea of what is to follow and so our initial curiosity about the famous location with the panoramic view, turned into disappointment and questions of whether we had made ​​a mistake or if the locals exaggerated about the beauty of their places of origin.

Soon, though, disappointment gave its way to admiration. The initially boring path turned into a "serpentine" alley with natural stairs made of stone, that after forming a "horseshoe", slowly began to descend until it reached its end, Beloi, literally one step before chaos. Without any exaggeration, the view left us breathless. The visitor literally stands on a balcony right above the abyss. To the right, one can see vertical rocks, hundred of meters tall that go down all the way to the bed of the river Vikos, making it impossible to come near the edge, especially if one suffers from fear of heights.

All Vikos area around heard our voice, while we heard the echo again and again and again ... Maybe it was the colours of the sky at the time of dusk, or the awe, inevitably engendered by the view, the only certain thing was that the emotions that our walk to Beloi left us, were really unbeatable.

If you want to experience what we saw and felt, have a look at the panoramic pictures we took :


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