Beloved Giannena - historical walks in the city.

Christina Maniati
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"Ioannina made of Glass" this is how M. Ganas characterizes them, a second home for me and many others, who have experienced the finest student years there. A city where anywhere you focus your gaze will wander in history and diversity, that she bequeathed by the three main community residents: Christians, Jews and Ottomans. The lake weaves the nebulous liquid veil and you, at the surrounding neighborhoods, while you 're enjoying your coffee or your drink, you "stumble" on the history.

You walk the paved road of Independence, and between old shops and old two storey houses you discover the Louli Arcade, which formed into a beautiful dining area and Liampei Arcade, where you do not know which of the small bars and cafes to get into.

Arriving at Kourmanio, the old Jewish neighboorhood, you get confused because next to the old ironworks, the people of toil work there pounding the iron until today at the shops where selling bells and iron tools are sold, you see small cafes and well-dressed world to sunning themselves in Kallari's paved. In the evening the same neighborhood takes another form: is filled with youth - mostly students - who enjoy their drink at the small bars or even standing outside in the streets. The district has always been a crossroad of peoples due to the market and shops that had and it still has the same role because of the opportunities of entertainment that offers.

Further down, on the banks of the lake, Tampakika, Sioula's and fellow's neighborhood, who were processing skins. But also, the Skala where was the old wharf. Here you find some of the finest cafes and the nightlife of the city. Especially in summer, the narrow streets are full of tables, very close to the wall of the castle, and the place acquires as much life as the old ? ,who had been working for years here, would never have imagined.

A walk at “12”, the lakeside part of the town which is near these neighborhoods, especially during the nights when the moon reflecting on the water, is enough to create images of the past that you have never lived; although your wandering in these places make them so alive that you think you live them right now.


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I like to travel and travel is for me an investment and a source of knowledge for every human. In my free time i travel around Greece. In every place i visit i tend to learn people's habits and customs, i like to taste their local food, to visit archeological spots and museum and to enjoy the nature. I also like to combine my love for travel with my love for photography. 

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