Aristi's Bridge and Voidomatis river, Zagorohoria.

Vasilis Triantafyllou
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Our day began with a rich breakfast and an supreme view towards the Towers of Astraka, which you always stare at with awe even if you have seen them a hundred times. The day was sunny, ideal for discoveries.

On our way from Great Papiggo to Aristi, just before the Aristi bridge we saw an opening on our left which was covered by the beautiful nature of Zagorohoria. A safety bar was stopping cars from getting through, so we decided to leave the car behind and get the path on foot. Where would it lead?. Soon we got our foot wet in the clear blue-green water of Voidomatis river.

The endless sound of the river, the fallen autumn leaves around us and the sun, compiled a beautiful autumn picture, so calm and relaxing. We started going down the river on a path next to it. The ground was covered with yellow and red leaves, the big plane trees were protecting our heads and the flora of the gorge was rich and beautiful. Thankfully the path was well-signed and made easy with wooden steps where the ground was slippery or difficult. We enjoyed the river, the colors and the sounds always having Astraka Towers and nearby mountains on background.

After a two (2) hours walk we reached the old Monastery of Saint Anargiroi, dated back to 1658 and then to Kleidonia Bridge which was built around 1853. There is the end line of Rafting activities that take place in Voidomatis River, which you can also try.

We honestly felt we were part of history while crossing these paths that connected different parts of Zagorohoria for ages. The locals say that "there is nothing better than resting your feet in Voidomatis river if you want relief from a long walk".

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