Archontiko Dilofos at Zagorohoria: A supreme place to stay.

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Just leave your car in the entrance of Dilofo village and walk at the heart of Zagori. Dilofo village is a very traditional and preserved place, which is why cars are prohibided. Walk towards the centre of the village, where you will find Architiko Dilofos: the place to stay!

When entered Archontiko Dilofos, we were kindly treated by Dimitra with local mastic liquer to overcome the exhausting day and we were then introduced to the wonderful mansion we had the pleasure to stay in. The view was amazing and we managed to learn the secrets of the area quite easily.

No words can describe our beautiful stay at Archontiko Dilofos.

First of all, we have to admit that Dimitra was amazing and the hospitality was very great. We were truly impressed. And the breakfast was delicious, full of local delicacies.

Secondly, we have to emphasize that Archontiko Dilofos is a fine representative of the local character and architecture. Compelling and warm in the inside, but also friendly and relaxing outside with a small yard we adored, were you can take your breakfast. We sat at the colorful tables and we smilled at each other. The interior is unique. If you haven't visited Eperus before, you will feel like being in a folklore museum. The wood and stone are combined to make the rooms look natural and warm and the small library will make you feel like a writer.

My first thoughts when entering the big room with the fireplace and the rocking chair, was that some great writter should have sat here to get inspired by the great nature and deliver some greatness to the world.

Our room had its own balcony, where you could observe the whole village and the surroundings and get informed abou the local gossip with 10 minutes, just by listening the voices around you.

The quite and fresh environment could only chill us out. We needed a break from the urban reality and this was our chance to breath some fresh air.

Archontiko Dilofos, is for me a place i would definetely visit again and stay for a long time. I think i found a place where i can empty my brain from thoughts and recharge my batteries.

I shouldn't forget to tell you that Archontiko is situated in the very middle of Zagorohoria, which gives you the opportunity to get around very easily.


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