Artas bridge and the sacrifice of the wife.

Eva Krokidi
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While driving on the busy highway of Arta city next to Ioannina, behind the tailbacks of cars you feel the need to turn your eyes on your right and try to hear the stream water flowing melodiously somewhere around you.

And before you realize it, there is the stone bridge of Arta with its enchanting curves. You feel the need to walk on it and soon you skip from your initial course turning right on the first street to find a stone alley and travel back in time.

The bridge of Arta is right next to you, and in your mind revive the words of the traditional poem talking about the wife of the master builder who sacrificed here at the bridge's foundations. You begin to walk, on the uphill paved at first, until you reach the top of the central arches, and then you go downhill.

You think you hear the voices of craftsmen happy to complete the construction of the bridge after the great sacrifice of the wife. If you walk down the other side you will listen to the river's water running underneath, and the sound your heels can make on historical stones.

You arrive on the other side and you order a tasty Greek coffee at the café " Protomastoras ". You sit and the bridge is right in fron of you, secretly talking with the rustling trees on the banks.

And i hope that the wife of the master builder have forgiven me and her husband sacrifised here for me to walk on this magical creation. 



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Eva Krokidi

My Name is Eva Krokidi, born in Corfu but have been living in Patra. My job as a School Consultant demands my travelling in 16 different places which i like to visit also as a tourist. I love travelling and my top destination is ofcourse Corfu. Travelling around the world, participating in a Brazilian Carnival and a Crouise to Alaska are my ultimum goals. Until then i travel and photograph anything passing by.

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