Aliki in Paros.

Maria Tsakoniati
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Some people and some places you tend to love from the first moment. Because they might be familiar or because they simply have something you lack... Aliki of Paros, this picturesque fishing village in the southern end of the island, will steal your heart with its genuine beauty. If you are looking for nightlife Aliki is not your place. But if you ask for a picturesque corner in the Aegean, offering you relaxation, serenity, crystal clear waters and an aura of Greece as it was yesterday, Aliki is ideal. As if time have stopped in this small place.

White houses with blue windows, flowers in frames and picturesque courtyards, trees and pines, the sound and color of the countryside is spreading all over. In its harbor the boats sway quietly, sheltered from the strong winds of the Aegean. The gulls play with the waves just in front of the local taverns, living in peace with fishermen and visitors. You see an image you beg not to dissapear, being in a place you would wish to stay forever. The Aliki beach, with its golden sand and crystal clear waters makes you to surrender at its gentle touch, but also to enjoy the colors and the tranquility of a walk when day retires. On the opposite Aliki with the white pebbles, check the rock samphire, springing up mischievous in the sand and the stones proving that life lurks everywhere!

And of course the greek culture is obvious in this picturesque corner of the Aegean. In June, the three-day cultural festival, dedicated to George Konitopoulos, hosts music and bands from every corner of Greece, illuminating the customs and traditions of our country and demonstrating in the best possible way that this treasure is the only way to keep our identity and strength intact. The deep roots keep the trees up. This important musician and composer (George Konitopoulos) loved Aliki and spent much of his life there. He communicate the Cycladic singing culture and spread it beyond Cyclades, inspiring us all and mainly his children Michael and Nasia to love the tradition and the maintained values.

 The village celebrates with cultural events and festivals for "Saint John Kledona" in June, for "Christ" on the 6th of August and for the Holy Cross on the 14th of September. Whichever you choose to attend you will feel the same energy and authenticity coming out of this place and its inhabitants. Sip some local wine, eat fresh seafood and sundried fish, sip ouzo by the sea and when the time comes for you to leave, you will feel a sweet melancholy. Time is never enough when the soul is filled.

Cause as the traditional song says:

“Within the Aegean islands, angels flutter and while fluttering roses they strew...”


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Maria Tsakoniati

She lives with her husband and daughter in Naxos island, where she comes from. She studied Political Science at Athens Law School and Journalism at Antena T.V, where she got her honors. Today she is writting articles for local newspapers and magazines and she deals with photography for over 10 years. She is a member of "Naxos Photo Art" and has participated in many exhibitions and cultural fiestas. Many of her photographs have been published at "Photographer" magazine. Check her out at:,

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