The thrilling experience of the Volcano of Nisyros.

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The volcano of Nisyros was created, according to mythology, during the era of the giants. When the gods chased the giants in the sea area adjacent to Kos, Neptune obtained a piece of Kos and threw it on the giant Polybotis. So they say that every time the volcano rumbles, the giant Polyvotis roars,  trying to release himself from hise eternal bonds.

But this is the one side of the story. According to science Nisyro's volcano is the newest in Greece, created by successive explosions and is only 3,000-4,000 years old. As the scientists claim, if you want to thrive in your career, you must visit Nisyros, because its volcano is the greatest teacher of all.

My experience down there is not that great, but the few times I've been mean a lot to me. Even when i am far away from the volcano, i can feel its breeze and a magnetic force that propels me to explore it.

When I look Lakchi from above, I see a very green place and i think: "This is the magic of nature." Where you expect to see a dry and empty land, you see life and rich flora and fauna, embracing the volcano and making it more beautiful.

As you descend down the Akoli, as we say in the Nisyros, a force is getting me. I see the bubbles and the boiling water, I see the sulfur which creates beautiful sculptures from Crystalic sulfur, so fragile that they decompose and compose again and again, every day. I know I'm on a live volcano, which enchants me and terrifies me the same time, but in the end I love it, because i grew up on this volcano.

Many people ask me ¨ Well, you are not afraid of Nisyros volcano? "And I answer them that no, the volcano is my life and even if it explodes and destroys Nisyros, I will not abandon it.

I do not know how it does it, but this volcano gives us great strength and the power to withstand everything. Either way, we have to have a great heart and soul to live on such a wild island.

The most magical moment I experienced, was a night when the moon was full and the volcano was clearly visible. A rare feeling of peace, quiet and tranquility overwhelmed us and we sat there until dawn. Every time I go to the volcano, I feel that I am a unique planet, found nowhere else in Greece, despite Nisyros.



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My name is George and i come from Nisyros, but currently living at Rodos. Most of my time i spend it at Nisyros. Nisyros is my favorite island this is the reason i want to promote it. Check my youtube videos of the island:

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