The monastery of Panagia Spiliani at Nisyros.

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My favorite place in Nysiros is the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani, a place which fills me with beautiful feeling everytime i visit it. A thrilling monastery built on a rock or "oxo" as we call it in Nisyros.

The church is placed within a cave and to get there you have to go upa stair with hundrend and seventy steps. Every step is a memory, a smile, a voice and a tear.

When i was a kid, my friends and i used to spent a lot of time on these steps, helpind the monastery prepair for its pilgrims. Every step holds a teasing, as we used to tease each other when going up.

When I enter the church, i observe the beautiful cave, a cave which was transformed to a beautiful church.

Many times we have recalled the past, when visiting this cave church. When i go there i forget about the past and the present. It is like a temporary memory loss, logic doesn't work, only feelings and memories for the majestic view.

When i look around i see my village, which looks so small and so big the same time. I see my greatest love, the sea, which makes me come at peace.

I can see Kos and the surrounding islands and when the sun sets i observe, amazed, the pink, red, yellow and orange colors of the sky.

Every seasons will have something different to offer. Every season has a different memory to offer me.

You will notice the calmness and the power the scenery breathes out. These feelings make me sit there and admire for hours!


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My name is George and i come from Nisyros, but currently living at Rodos. Most of my time i spend it at Nisyros. Nisyros is my favorite island this is the reason i want to promote it. Check my youtube videos of the island:

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