Emporios village, the exquisite village of Nisyros.

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Welcome to Emporio village.

In my opinion the best looking village of Nisyros, built on a hill. When you look from the one side you see the sea and from the other side the volcano.

Some decades ago, this village had more than 3.000 residents and took its name from trading (emporio in greek). It used to have 8 cafes, 5 markets, several shoe-repairers, hairdressers and many shops. Who ever wanted to buy or sell something would go to Emporio village. But this growth declined as the years passed and now it only has 10 residents. The village is almost empty.

During the big earthquake of 1880 most of the village and the island was destroyed. People started to leave the village and Nisyros in general and those who stayed behind moved to Pallos village. After a while started the big emigrations to Germany and other countries and the village was left with a small number of people.

Nonetheless, this village is a real beauty keeping its traditional Nisyros style.

Through the walls of the remaining houses spurt some hot gass the so called "Apiries". This is a natural sauna coming from the volcano. Most of the houses have a view towards the volcano. Wherever you stand you get overwelmed by the view, the calmeness and the scenery.

Emporios village has two of the best restaurants of the village, "Apiria" and "Mpaloni of Emporios". The last one has the biggest balcony with a view of the volcano.

Quite exquisite, isn't it?


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My name is George and i come from Nisyros, but currently living at Rodos. Most of my time i spend it at Nisyros. Nisyros is my favorite island this is the reason i want to promote it. Check my youtube videos of the island: http://www.youtube.com/user/georgenisyros

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