Cafe and accommodation at Liotridia of Nisyros.

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After becoming teenagers, we started to visit the local cafes and bars. My favorite bar since i was young is "Liotridia", a beautiful cafe and accommodation in Nisyros.

I used to spend there most of my day time. The building is an old and adandoned Oil Presser which was transformed into a beautiful cafe, keeping its old traditional style, as you can see in the pictures.

The amazing thing about "Liotridia" is that the owners have kept all the old equipment used to extract oil from olive oils. They are now named and exhibited inside the cafe like they would be in a local museum.

Over the cafe, one can find some exquisite rooms to let, which combine the traditional architecture with the modern one. Except for the common bedrooms, in some rooms you will find traditional bedrooms called "Moni". These bedroom are quite peculiar having the bed raised and underneath a storing space. On the wall there is also stiched the children's bed.

The view is amazing. Underneath "Liotridia" you will have the view of the Aegean sea, the "Yiali" islet, and Kos island.

Every season has its own beauty. During the winter this place is warm, familiar and calm. Summer time has its own charms. The cafe is crowded having its tables outdoors and the view is impecable. Especially during the sunset the view is amazing.

Try it in the morning for some coffee, or during the winter for wine and definetely during summer for delicious cocktails.

There more cafes and bars on the island, but this is the most beautiful one. I never get bored even after a million visits.


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My name is George and i come from Nisyros, but currently living at Rodos. Most of my time i spend it at Nisyros. Nisyros is my favorite island this is the reason i want to promote it. Check my youtube videos of the island:

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