Mini Guide to LEROS, the island of Eros.

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Leros is Eros is how we call it, those who have spent and continue to spend each summer on the island!

Leros is located in the north Dodecanese near Kalymnos and Patmos. It is the largest natural harbor in the eastern Mediterranean ... but enough of these! Generally the island is small, green and combines fun with relaxation!

Let's start from the basics: favorite beaches, villages and attractions!


  • My favorite by far is "Two Liskaria" a mostly sandy beach with some rocky parts
  • Then comes "Panteli". We enjoy our coffee early in the morning and in the afternoon we devour some fresh fish in a local tavern.
  • And finally the "Velanida". A secluded bay next to Vromolithos


  • "Agia Marina" is my favorite! A small village built amphitheatrically. All the nightlife is there!
  • Next is "Panteli" a village keeping its traditional character, perhaps the most scenic spots of the island.
  • Finally "Lakki" who is said to be the capital of the island, but many disagree! The port is there


  • First and foremost the "Virgin of the Castle". Located on the hilltop Pityki, it used to be a fortress but today only exists the church of the Virgin Mary and the Church Museum
  • Then "Agios Isidoros", a small chapel built on the top of a rocky ... What a romantic landscape ...
  • Last but not least comes "Virgin Kavouradena" built within a rock! It is said that a fisherman was looking for crabs and found the image of the Virgin, in honor of which the church was built

These are some of the most basic information! I hope you enjoy them and the island.

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