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The landscape will your take breath away......

As we ascent the road starting from Kalymno's port and taking us through the rest of the island, there is a spot where you can see a panoramic view of the greater area, including Telendos island, which makes it look like a painting.

Masouri is a very popular touristic sight of Kalymnos. The most beautiful part of it, is its breathtaking beach, which is considered one of the best in Kalymnos.

You will find it 9km away from Pothia. Masouri beach with its clear blue water is attracting locals and travellers, making it one of the most crowded bays of the island. Masouri is also know for its hiking centre. At a very short distance you will be able to enjoy the magisterial steep rocks of the area, with more than 2.000 hiking stages of all levels.

If you are not keen with crowded places, then you can choose to visit Armeos beach, which is quite close to Masouri. Armeos beach has this type of wild and distinct beauty, making it ideal for those seeking for calmness and isolation.

On the oposite side, Telendos island is standing on its own. This small island used to be a part of Kalymnos island, but after the very strong earthquake around 535 p.c. the two islands separated. This lonely rock of Dodekanese, no more than 5 km2, only has one small village and a picturesque port. You will be amazed by the lovely sea and the beaches, the traditional fish taverns and the clamness out of the scenery.

(Written by Nikodimos Tsagklis)


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