The beach Cantouni in Kalymnos.

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"Cantouni" beach is not just my favorite place in Kalymnos, but the place where whole generations of Kalymnian have spent their most beautiful and carefree times, playing with the waves or just looking at the beautiful sunset.

The night clubs in the area is the place to meet and have fun, promising endless nights and lovely moments. A lot to offer!

The sandy beach of "Cantouni" is 5km northwest of Pothia and within walking distance from Panormos.

It is the favorite beach of locals and during the summer the favorite beach of the young and careless.

Right next to "Cantouni" beach, you will find beach Linaria. The two beaches are separated by a large rock and according to tradition, beach Cantouni was only for women while Linaria only for men, a tradition not existing at the moment. You can enjoy both!

Tips: Above the Cantouni beach stands the Monastery of the Cross. Across the beach you will find accommodation and taverns.


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