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The place to hang out in Syros is Boheme (Boheme del Mar).

Boheme gathers a selection of people of all ages from various parts of the world. It is decorated by artists who are affiliated with the owners, Sotiris and Fondas. The owners can be found at sight, providing advice and comic relief. Each night a different dj plays a different genre and be sure that you have found a place with good vibes.

The history of boheme goes back at least 10 years, as it has housed hundreds of strays, either musicians or painters, people with extraordinary talents and weird personalities, all gathering at one Home, to confess their sins and crimes to a fellow brother, while drinking a cold beer. Boheme also organises concerts, festivals, exhibitions and on its 10th year of operation had a massive three day festival with people flying in from all over the world just to attend.

Boheme del mar, the cultural meeting point, offering coffee in the morning (opens at 10-11) through lunch-time beer and sea watching into night-time dancing and drinking. You can be informed about festivals, art exhibitions, bazars and live shows in there. Just ask the staff. Boheme del Mar can be found at the end of Petrou Rali street by the coast.


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