Really interesting exhibitions in Syros.

Maria mavrokou
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On the island of Syros, the meeting point of all kinds of artists is Boheme Del Mar, found on Petrou Rali street, by the coast.

If you are into broadening your horizons and attending exhibitions and concerts, simply walk into Boheme and ask to find the organizers, who usually are the  DPSD Beyond crew, ZSstudio and Tind.

Dpsd Beyond is a non profit, self organized student initiative which was formated by university (undergraduate and postgraduate) students, of the Department of Product & Systems Design and Engineering, at the University of the Aegean, at Syros island, Greece. Their aim is to enhance the process of learning by adding personal effort for the greater good, for our colleagues - using peer learning methods, seminars, workshops. Broadening up beyond the standard academic methods, by students and professionals, who participate actively in the design learning process and the formation of design thinking.

ZS Studio is a concept orientated design studio, with a complete prototyping workshop directed by Zaxos Stathopoulos, aiming to create a platform dedicated to design and the creation of hand-made furniture and objects. ZS Studio combines science, biology, art, computing, humanity, psychology, cybernetics, ecology and many other concepts are investigated and re- interpreted, producing the studio’s unique visual vocabulary. Fully hand made, limited edition design joined with method and vision.

One of the most interesting exhibitions I have been is Music & Junk, organized by ZS studio. It was an open air festival and exhibition of hand made musical instruments made out of junk (recycle-able art). People attending were also participants of the performance, as they combined their experimentation into one rhythm, creating a 6 hour track.


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