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To dine in Syros is.. piece of cake*

There are many taverns everywhere (!) A piazza of taverns is found inside Ermoupolis by taking a short walk into the alleys around Miaouli square, which offer a representative flavor of Greek cuisine. You may find places worthy of your attention (like the tavern To Petrino) although you do have the option of a sea breeze within the city, just by the coast, at PORTO and/or Peri Tinos (Περί.. Τίνος), both found on Petrou Rali street.

If you're low budget and not in the mood to socialize, there are also traditional cookeries (stay in or to go) where you can get a large portion of cooked/baked food for either 5 euros (from Fagitoulis) or 7 (from To Kastri)

Another night destination is a short uphill walk to Ξανθομάλης (pronounced Ksantho-malis ) in Ano Syros (the Old Town), featuring time travel into the Rebetiko era, with live traditional music, each table fitted with its personal wine tap and mezedes (tapas. snacks and small portions of yummy cooked dishes).

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