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The convenient thing about Syros is that.. Hermoupolis (the centre) combines everything. Even going for a swim at Asteria (:Stars) beach which provides a diving spot and big rocks to tan upon. This can be found in the Vaporia area. Right at the end of the coast Asteria bar offers sunbeds, cold beer, a selections of coffee and drinks, good music and an interesting assortment of people.

Other beaches, outside the centre (approx half an hour with the KTEL bus) are in Poseidonia, named according to the God os Sea, Poseidon. Posi-do-nia offers two very diverse options. The beach Agathopes, a long beach with a very shallow sea, ideal for water games, acrobatics, volley and chit-chat. The bar of which hosts wild summer parties with international djs and other events like beach volley finals and concerts. There are also 2 taverns and a newsagent kiosk on the spot.

Further down the coastal road (a 7 minute drive, a 20 minute walk) find Komito, a small secluded beach with a nice view, shack-style beach bar & wind-surfing kiosk (instructor included).

Megas Gialos, Vari and Azolimnos are other beaches in villages worth visiting. The most pink sunset is in Kini and further down the main road (see signs along and keep the sea to your left) is the most impressive beach of them all, Delfini (meaning Dolphin) where a huge rock is submerged in the sea, looking like a sleeping dolphin. On the right end of the beach there are sunbeds and a beach bar which offers cold esspresso and even colder beer. A tavern is right behind the beach bar, with stone cool walls and organic cooking. Everything you eat is from the madame's (owner & chef) gardens. On the left end of the beach is the nudist area and all the remaining middle ground is a neutral zone.

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