Traditional, simple, cycladic food in Mykonos.

Despina Oikonomopoulou
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As we all know, Mykonos is a croweded, cosmopolitan, full of last and overated island.

Most of you shouldn't know that among the expensive restaurants, the lifestyle and the famous personas, there are still places where simple people and unique places exist followed by an extreme calmness. Right this moment, i am going to reveal you one of these places, far away from paparatzi.

For lunch or dinner there is a wonderful and very simple taverna, just next by the Megali Ammos Beach, where you can taste the most delicious summer dishes for very low prices. You will find it when heading to Ornos, next to the road and at the same time next to the beach.

The tavern's schenery is quite cinematographical, since mr Christos and later Joanna and NIko decorated the place with the most simple yet beautiful furniture. This tavern is very unique because of its simplicity and calmness, in an island believed to be crowded and louud.

Don't miss the idyllic sunset and the secrets of the island asking Joanna and Niko.


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Despina Oikonom...

Despina is a kinimatographer and a monter.

She spent her first 13 summers of her life in Mykonos, since her godfather was a Mykonian. Now she is able to write about it.

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