Mykonos: 2 Beaches and a Sunset.

Despina Oikonomopoulou
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For the record, in the other part of Earth, on the streets of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, they recall the crystal waters of Mykonos island. They said it was the thing they remembered most of Greece. It is such a pity, to be so close to it and not visit it. You all know about the famous beaches of Mykonos, but i am going to take you somewhere else.

There are two beautiful beaches, the first on the North part and second on the South part of the island. I suggest the North part during the days of "Bonatsa air", meaning early July or late August, unless you want to reherse for the Wuthering Heights, or remember the first advertisment of Total yogurt, or just  use the wind to send some thoughts away.

The name of the North beach is Fokos and you will find it after the second dam of the island. There is a tavern there, but it is more expensive than i can handle. What i suggest you is to take a small basket filled with fruits and some food and let yourself dissolve at the mystical brine of the scenery. If you go round the sea rocks on your left, you will meet a strange scenery, which reminds me of the "Invisible cities" of Italo Calvino, where you can gather sea salt from. Take some, it goes great with your home salads.

Another choise for a chilled and special bath, is "Kapari", a beach with 3 gradations of blue, green-blue, blue electric and deep blue. This is a great choice for an evening bath. "Kapari" beach has something special: even when the island is ready to sink from the extreme wind, Kapari is great because it has a natural wind protection, due to the barriers raised by the nearby sea rocks. I suggest you to chill out on the soft and specially designed rocks by nature for sunbathing on the left of the beach. If Zen had a summer house, this could be it. Your access to this beach is very easy. You may take the bus from Saint John's windmills, ask the driver to let you get down near Kapari beach and then take a 15 minute walk towards the beach.

On your way back, don't miss the beautiful sunset from Saint Johns bay. You've got to have tsipouro or ouzo with you, as the cycladic winds goes very nice with the traditional aperitif.

Enjoy the tips!

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She spent her first 13 summers of her life in Mykonos, since her godfather was a Mykonian. Now she is able to write about it.

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