Visit Sarakiniko with North wind or on a Full moon.

Athina Ioannidou
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I visited Sarakiniko because they talked about it even the stones. They said about a unique phenomenon of nature, for a memorial created by the volcano and perpetually shapes by the sea and the air like a sculpture.

So as a true traveler I started on this journey, to go to another place, bizarre and lunar and what I saw was a miracle!

White plates, soft and supple spread in front of my eyes and opposite the deep sea, sometimes becomes friendly and sometimes unrelenting.

Three times I went and I went again, the first one with south wind and calm sea. I browsed on the slopes of white plates, climbed to the highest cliffs and I plunged into the sea from the small beach, but also behind it from the formidable cliffs. The feeling unspeakable.

But I went and night, because I was told by my local friends that Sarakiniko is magical when the moon is whole when the full moon begins to climb over the white cliffs. We sat in a company, with beers and we played “bam”, for those who know it and after we emptied the carafe with raki, we saw it. On our right, a fireball loomed. While it was rising, the white plates radiating the light of the moon and like someone lit a thousand lights, the miracle occurred.

But I went one last time, when the north wind was blowing, when you should not go because the air rages and the sea is wild. Then with open mouth we sat on the edge of the plate of Sarakiniko and the sea hit the rock and it was rising above us. And we just stayed there motionless admiring the wildlife.


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