Sulphur Mines, this strange beauty of nature and man.

Athina Ioannidou
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I saw a star on the map above this beach, that means "you have to see it". And immediately entered in the list of the priorities!

We asked Anthony about the road and he told us "I'll make a call and I'll tell you." The call was not very positive, he said that the road was bad because they had not paved it yet as they do every year.

Who cares about it, we were waiting for two days and then we started looking forward to this new adventure. To the old Sulphur mines of the island, where hundreds of people once worked hard to mine and process the sulfur and then to leave with boat.

Workers, residents of the island, initially worked and lived in natural caves in the area and walked miles to there and back. Later buildings were built, entire buildings that hard to describe because the experience is not easily transmitted.

Many took advantage of this earth, the ancient Athenians, the Ottomans, even the Germans during the Second World War, until it passed to the hands of Miles. Until around 1960, closed because America sold the sulfur cheaper.

And so were left the buildings, empty, blank and the beautiful beach. We enjoyed this open and always visited monument of man, we entered the buildings and gaze at the huge cauldrons that remained there ever since, motionless, recounting a flourishing period.

The beach was beautiful, reddish gold, like redhead woman embraced us and we were left on its volcanic red, yellow, brown, purple and green stones. The sea was blue! And in the left was golden blue. How is this color?

We discovered later that on the left of the beach in some places the water is warm and if you dive your feet in the sand, under the sea, the sand is burning! Fantastic discovery. Go near the big rock and tried it, for sure!


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