Dips and Dives at Chitra in Kythira.

Peggy Tzane
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It was a warm day of August, when I departed from Athens, going to the delightful island where I come from, Kythira.

It was about time I visited Chytra, the small island, also known as "The Egg".

Some days later I got in the boat of captain Spyros and our short journey to Chytra began. My expectations were great, as I had heard a lot about it.

'Glass Bottom' left the harbor and in a few minutes we had already reached our destination. The view was indeed captivating.

There was a great cave and the water had a dazzling turquoise color. Spyros gave us full face masks and snorkels and everybody started swimming around, following Spyros instructions.

The cave was of enormous beauty and the see bottom fascinating. I could see all blue tints in it. It wasn't difficult to notice the coral starfish, almost flashing on the dark blue backround.

The rocks had a burgundy color, that I had never seen before.

I thought to myself what a marvelous place  Chytra is ans how lucky I was to be there. Spyros started now explaining-just before the end- that this is the ideal time of the day to visit Chytra.

The sun was burning towards it and you could see the island at its best!

I got once again into the water. This last dive will remain unforgettable.

The images were so unique and precious! I only wished to be able to experience this great little adventure once again soon and smiled satisfied.


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Peggy Tzane

Getting close to 26 years old, I feel fresh and full of energy. I was born in Athens, Greece and come from a delightful island in the south of Greece, Kythira. For the past 8 years I have been working as a German teacher, which is something I love, since I find teaching creative and challenging. There is a word that some years ago stucked with me and characterizes me. This is' Wanderlust'. It means the strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world and it expresses my great passion about traveling. In addition to that, I got the inspiration of taking beautiful images and I am always willing to find beauty even in unattractive elements. Last but not least, what you must know about me is that I am a cat lover and I find nothing more hilarious than observing a cat's playful behavior! Peggy also writes for www.mysecretathens.gr

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