Aegialis Hotel & Spa Amorgos, the only 5 star hotel of Cyclades.

Vasilis Triantafyllou
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Can alternative combine with luxury?

Initially I thought of this as a very difficult task but after our stay at Aegialis Hotel & Spa Amorgos, I concluded that it is not only feasible but also very successful. This hotel has managed an impressive "marriage." Built amphitheatrically overlooking the beautiful Aegiali, with full respect to the architectural landscape, with simplicity and complete harmony with nature, Aegialis Hotel & Spa is the only 5 star hotel in Cyclades, literally a gem on the island of Amorgos, which operates all year around.

The hotel has different room types, in order to satisfy all tastes, a swimming pool with stunning views over the sea and a Spa that offers high quality services even for the most demanding guests. Nevertheless, situated in Amorgos, the island of alternative activities, the hotel has fully harmonized with the character of the island.

The Aegialis Hotel & Spa has its own organic crops within the site, and cultivates vegetables and fruits available for the meals of its occupants. Organizes Yoga sessions and other alternative forms of exercise, either within the framework of the Spa benefits, or in the form of whole groups and courses organized on site. Provides complete tour packages and hiking on small and large paths of Amorgos. It offers pottery courses, astronomy, astrology, photography, painting and more.

Apart from all the above, the most important feeling gained out of this environment and stay was the easyness our heart felt while being there. Where the sky becomes one with the sea, and is literally ... big blue, the only movement you see is the different kinds of boats go in and out to the bay of Aegiali, where the sea is changing many colors throughout the day, you can not help it but want desperately to return.

The most powerful image that I recall when I close my eyes is the scenery during the night from our balcony, gazing from the one side at the lights on beach Levrosos and on the other side the starry sky of our amazing galaxy.

Simple magic.


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