Lykastos tavern - 16 years of delicacies in Archanes of Crete.

Evi Vagianou
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At the beautiful and so picturesque central square of Archanes village, we found tavern "Lykastos". This place has a history of more than 16 years serving locals and tourists who happen to wander around at this mountainous village of Crete.

The name comes from an Homeric town which was probably located near Profetis Elias at the nearby Giouhta mountain. According to Homer, Lykastos tribe were sent to support Greeks at the Troyan war.

Athena, the superb owner of Lykastos gave us all her knowledge of her place and suggested us to visit really good place nearby. But the most important was that she treated us with fresh handmade donats with chocolate, the best desert i have ever tasted in my life!

We also tried some delicious and very tasty salads made with fresh and local vegetables and cheese, omelate with red and green peppers and maybe the most tasty ribs we had for ages. The local wine was nice and sweet and went down our throats with pleasure.

The tavern is beautifully decorated in a traditional way with a view over the square of the village.

We visited Lykastos tavern both nights we stayed at Archanes village and i am sure that we would do that every day if we were nearby.


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