Archanes Mansion, an accommodation with history.

Evi Vagianou
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In Archanes village, on of the most beautiful mountainous villages of Crete, some 20 minutes with the car from Heraklion, stands the Archanes Mansion. It is made of 4 separate 2-floor appartments, with an inner stair, a gorgeous fireplace and a spacious living room.

Built in 1893, the mansion was actively involved in the local history, being used as a warriors house and a residency of the batallion of selected Cretans during the revolution of Crete (1897). The mansion was renovated respecting its history and the local architecture and has been declared as "preserved building" from the Central Archeological Consult of Greece.

The walls and interior reflect the past and there is a strong sense that you are in a place with a long and glorious history. This feeling is reinforced by the antique furniture, the embroidery and handmade furniture, which can not help but to travel you back in time.

We deeply enjoyed the beautiful courtyard of the Mansion, where we took our breakfast among a multitude of flowers, roses to smell intoxicating and birds chirping, while we enjoyed our coffee and handmade goodies of our hospitable hosts.

Imposing the sacred mountain Jiouktas at the foot of which lies the village, with a mountain legend that says this was the tomb of Zeus. Perhaps this contributes to the fact that the mountain peaks appear to form the profile of a human figure.

The village's square was also one of a kind, with an abundance of cafes, traditional and modern, taverns and restaurants, crowded with people during the summer evenings, becoming an oasis for the residents of Heraklion and the nearby areas.


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