"Agora" raki and mezze shop, at Arhanes of Heraklion.

Sofia Veneti
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If someone is going to visit the village of Arhanes, 16km from the city of Heraklion, it would be a great omission not to stop for a "raki" or a mezze at the "Agora raki-mezze shop".

I discovered this raki shop when I visited this beautiful village. Our wandering around the streets of the village had just finished and our bellies started to drum to death. 

Inside a small alley, I saw it. How beautiful it was! A sweet sensation flooded my soul. How beautiful seemed the gardenias on the landing and window sills! Without a second thought we went inside where we were welcomed by Mr. Kostas ( owner of the shop ) who was wearing his warmest smile.

We sat at a table by the window and looked around the room. I realized that the customers of the restaurant were young aged about 25 years until grandparents 80 years. But although the big age gap between customers, there was an incredibly harmonious coexistence of all ... what a pretty picture !

To have a word about the menu, everything was homemade and not precooked, but what stood out to me was the cheese-pies (mizithropitakia) with local honey and local wine (Arhanes are famous for the production of well-known grape, Rozaki) .

I left with the sweetest impressions!

Since then whenever I visit Arhanes i have to pay a visit to " Agora "!


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