The Dead's Gorge in Crete. Dare or drink?

Evi Vagianou
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Crete is well-known for Samaria's Gorge but its not the onely one. As genuine Indiana Jones we had the idea to visit another gorge...The Gorge of The Dead or else Zakro's Gorge, a small gorge at the east part of Crete, some 100km from Agios Nikolaos. We headed to the village Ano Zakros so we can start our journey and we finished at the beach of Kato Zakros for an enjoyable dive.

The Gorge is beautiful and easy to hike. There are signs everywhere leading you to big plane trees and huge oleanders which in Crete are called "Sfakes". The local villagers told us that the Gorge did not take its name because of dead hikers or gosts, but because the Ancient Minoan Greeks used to use the gorge's caves to bury the dead and make sure they were kept intact. 

Near the exit we found the famous Minoan Palace of Zakros, the smallest of the four (4) Minoan Palaces that are excavated (Knossos, Faistos, Malia) which is considered to have been the govermental and religious centre of the area with it very special port connecting Crete with Africa and Asia.

The path that passes through the gorge is the last part of the European Path E4 which begins from Pyrenees Mountains, crosses South Meditteranean, all Greece and ends in Crete at this village Kato Zakros.

If you go to Crete you should visit this Gorge without any fear, cause now you now!


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