Aspros Potamos, a unique guesthouse with no electricity.

Vasilis Triantafyllou
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While driving at the snaky roads of Crete towards Makrigialos, near Ierapetra, we called Myrto from Aspros Potamos to inform her about our arrival time.

When she told us to make sure we arrived before it's dark, we realized that everything we read in the site were probably true: The hostel works with renewable sources of energy, in the rooms there is light from photovoltaics, lamps over the beds for reading and otherwise ... very beautiful lamps with paraffin oil!

You charge mobiles and other devices at the front desk. Accommodation in Aspros Potamos is like traveling back in time. In company with the other residents, who are mainly older and foreigners and they came here in search of peace and tranquility and the... countless cats that stroll everywhere or sunning themselves undisturbed. Away from life in the big cities, surrounded by nature and tranquility, overlooking the Gorge of Pines.

Interesting and moving is the story of the hostel, which we learned from a handmade album that Michaela showed us at reception: The houses that make up the hostel, are about 300 years old, were used as rooms for the villagers, who descended on the valley to harvest and live there for long periods. The villagers slowly abandoned the rooms and then an Athenian architect bought them around 1975 and partially restored them. Death did not let him complete his work so they were purchased almost a decade later from Aleka, mother of the current owner, who with a lot of personal work and passion, almost gave them the stand that they have today and she transfered her love for this place to her daughter Myrto, who is the current owner!

The truth is that you might initially seem difficult to adapt, in the end you slowly like this change. It is sufficient of course to know where you are going and what you expect from Aspros Potamos. Personally the remembrance of the traditional breakfast at the tables in front of the reception desk, overlooking the trees, the flowers and the canyon, under the sounds of the music that was playing by Michaela, were left memorable and will accompany me when I want to noetically escape!


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