Green dreams at Piu Verde, Papagou, Athens

Nensi Vigani
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Athens might seem to be a dim big city, but there are some beautiful places that keep their secrets hidden.

A strange city. You think you will never get with its fast rythms but she always wins your trust in the end. After some years of a quite life, i returned to Athens and i had to keep up with things. Every corner of Athens was a surprise for me. I appreciated the beauties offered to people of every generation.

There is one place i found, where i can restore the quite life i left. In Papagou district, somewhere between the trees and green of Papagou park, the is a dream place call Pie Verde, meaning "greener".

A cafe-bar and restaurant for all times and ages.

You enter and you see a big park. Tables under the trees, an artificial pond with ducks, chilling and healing music, people from all over Athens and FRESH AIR, a thing missing from the rest of the city.

The interior of Piu Verde is also amazing. Beautiful decorated, using wood and natural elements and colors, it is a place the eye and the mind can come at ease.

You can visit it during the night, when events and thematic parties are organised.

If you find yourselves in Athens, i urge you to visit Piu Verde.

You might find there your new best place.


About the Author

Nensi Vigani

I was born in Albania and the last 14 years I live in Greece. I love music and photography because i believe that anything good or bad can be expressed with sounds and can be inprinted in pictures. Is the best way to remember every moment of our life because everything are worth remembering! One of my biggest dreams is to visit Rio De Janeiro!! The reason of course, the lovely sounds, people who express their feelings through dancing and the city's unique beauty!

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