Get wasted at Balconato tsipouradiko, Zografou Athens

Nensi Vigani
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One of the best places in Athens to get completely wasted. The Balconato Tsipouradiko..

Balconato in greek argo means the women with great breasts :D

A little bit hidious but it doesn't really have to do with what the place represents. This tsipouradiko is loved and prefered by the local people of Zografou district and every visitor going to this neighborhood.

It has a distinct decoration and a balcony with a great view of the interior of the tsipouradiko. It is kind of weird and king of traditional combined in a shared style.

And now the drinks: What else could you order in a tsipouradiko other than raki, raki with honey, tsipouro, oyzo, wine and beer, all acompanied with a delicious tapas dish.

Well this doesn't mean that Balconato is only destined to drink alcohol. You can also visit it during the day and drink you coffee, observing the daily movement and people of the neighborhood.

This is a must visit in Athens!

Tip for the place: Happy hour from 15:00 to 18:00, which means that for every drink you get, a second one is on the house.


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