Espresso Cocktail in SMALL8 bar, in Athens.

Dimitris Bogdanos
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On Archelaou str. in Pagkrati area, among the orange trees and the old school building of the 60s, the era, when the neighborhood was still importat, is revived.

On 23 Archelaou str. i cross by the irresistible BOXES n' FOXES, of which i buy anything associated with special gifts and design objects.

I continue walking on Archelaou str, where i will make a first quick stop at Piggypopoulo to have the best chicken souvlaki of the city served on checkered tablecloths. A little bit further i will check the Hallelujah's fashion workshop trends and will head to number 8 Archelaou str for my last stop. There stands a small, grey, minimal cafe-bar with colorful flowerpots and vintage influences on the furniture and the lighting.

SMALL8 is the new place i hang out. Small but magical, it will serve you with fine drinks, smart flavours, berlin atmosphere, art on the walls and carefully selected music.

Sometimes I stick there with friends for a hot chocolate and vivid chats and other times i prefer to work on my laptop occupying a corner and listening to alternatrive music, but most of the times i tend to visit SMALL8 after the sunset in order to taste the fabulous espresso cocktail of Nikos (the barman).

After some times visiting SMALL8 i realised that except for the lovely design and the aesthetics of the space, the most important elements winning my heart are the friendly owners and the smilling regular visitors who manage to turn a small bar into a warm hug for every visitor.


About the Author

Dimitris Bogdanos

Dimitris Mpogdanos has studied Fine Arts and Art History, Performance Design at Central Saint Martins and Direction at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Attended musical and voice seminars at Central School of Speech and Drama and choreography at The Place - London. He has directed plays in London and Athens. He has worked as an actor in theater, film and television and as a performer in the opera The Consul. It has to stage designs now over six performances. Directed the "Dot" at BIOS, the opera "Three Soprano in my tea", the "Return of Women", and collaborated with Stamatis Kraounaki as a member of "Spira-Spira." He is a creative director and co-founder of the interactive space the.flat culture in central Athens.

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