Ekonomou tavern: The famous anonymous tavern in Athens

Artemis Tsipi
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Non labelled but with a well known name.

Its name is "Economou"

A corner building with high ceilings, high doors, chairs made of wicker and a shop window with hand made food. The menu includes huge baked potatoes, giant beans, okra, baked lamb with pickled garlic, pies, eggplant, chicken with pasta, zucchini, salad, feta with oregano and oil. If you wish you can also order steaks or meatballs.

Mr. Economou is always there. Always on the move, smilling to everybody, quick and immediate, ready to serve all the customers. If you are a regular customer, you will end up being a friend, but even if you happen to get there once, the familiarity and the politeness is always the case.

I love this place not only because feels so friendly and familiar, not because the food is always delicious and excellent, not even for mr. Ekonomou who is so elegant and polite.

I love it because i am fool of childhood memories, when we used to visit mr. Ekonomou and have our best launches with friends.

It is so familiar for me, that it feels like eating at home.

Are you intrigued? You can find it opposite "Zefuros" cinema, in Ano Petralona district (near the centre).

Both Zefuros cinema and Ekonomou tavern are so old, that once it where the only two stores serving a whole neighborhood!


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