The DRUNK SINATRA: When Frank Sinatra had some black rum.

Elena Almp
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Aloha or otherwise Bonjour a tous le monde! (I'm a goddamn multilingual).

Absolute silence since my last article so I returned to break it with a new topic. If you are ready go. If not, never mind, pretend that you are.

Due to workload I could not make a decent dash (to some idyllic landscape, even in the village of my grandmother), therefore I' ll cut to the chase.

And since I got away from the subject by developing a few lines of monologue, let's move on to the main topic, which is not other than the Drunk Sinatra.

In the historic center of Athens, and more specifically on the walkway between Theseus Kolokotronis and Karagiorgi Serbia is Frank and his friends (Rat Pack). 

The Drunk Frank is a secret all day bistro where the best music stories unfold (such as Soul, Jazz and Funk).

At Drunk Sinatra nothing is accidental. Both the retro decor, and musical selections refer to that era of the 60s.

Bright colors, wooden surfaces and the original design basement (original toilets ... and a showroom for those who do not want to piddle) complete the puzzle of the bistro, which is opening its doors in the morning for coffee and keeps them until late in the evening for beers, shots, drinks and of course cocktails like the homonymus Drunk Sinatra which is based on black rum. 

This Drunken legend that comes with the name Frank Sinatra, can be found on the street Theseus 16 near Syntagma square.

Au revoir!


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I was born in Greece, and more specifically in Kavala. I love every kind of art because i believe that art help us to express our feelings, and is the best way to remember every moment of our life as well everything are worth remembering! One of my biggest dreams is...let me keep it a secret!!! ;)

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